Painter in Oils


Tom Ouellettte is a contemporary realist. He uses the classic artistic techniques perfected by masters such as Rembrandt, Caravaggio, and John Singer Sargent to provide a fresh and exciting perspective on contemporary subjects. In Tom's paintings, the subject is frequently technology, and his studies of light bulbs, kitchen appliances, and tableware reveal the beauty and elegance that may be found even in the most mundane objects of the 21st century. "We often don't realize how beautiful functional objects around us are, at least not until they become antiques," says Tom. "My goal is to reveal that beauty in a way that delights and surprises the viewer." He is particularly adept at capturing such difficult surfaces and textures as silver, plastic, and cellophane.

Tom is also a portraitist in the classical style, whose subjects have included figure skating legend Dick Button and Robert E. Travaglini, the first Italian-American president of the Massachusetts Senate. He is also in demand as a teacher, and accepts a limited number of intermediate and advanced students who wish to secure a strong grounding in the fundamentals of representational drawing and painting.